Why Use Giclee for Art Reproduction?

As with anyone who creates any sort of product, you probably also want to find ways to more readily share your artwork, paintings and prints with more people, making your work more accessible to more people. Luckily in recent years the art world has been revolutionised by a new reproduction technique called giclee.

Giclee is a relatively easy and very affordable way for artists to capture and reprint their work or paintings in a flexible and durable medium. Giclee prints are art prints of very high quality, which have proven archival longevity and can be reproduced onto a range of mediums, in a variety of sizes.

Giclee therefore allows artists to increase their income from their painting work as they can quickly and affordably reproduce their works for sale, leaving artists more time to spend on each work, without having the pressure of making a sale rushing them through their creativity. Plus, in reprinting artwork as a giclee, more art lovers have access to a painter’s work more affordably, and who knows, down the track when they can afford to allocate more money to their wall art budget, they may invest in an original!

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